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Time Hoppers
Time Hoppers: The Silk Road

Award Winning Pilot Episode
3rd PLACE in the Open Screenplay Contest

Genre: Action/Adventure

Time Hoppers: The Silk Road is a series that follows the adventures of a group of gifted friends that travel through time to rescue Muslim Scientists during the golden age of Islam, while shedding light on their accomplishments and contributions to science.

An educational adventure illustrating major worldly contributions by notable Islamic scholars/scientists.

Time Hoppers

Award Winning Short Film
Jury Award - International Open Film Festival 2018
Best Picture - Canadian Diversity Film Festival 2017
Best Short Film - Canadian Diversity Film Festival 2017
Award of Commendation - Canadian Shorts Film Festival 2017

A struggling single mother, Joan (Nicole Steinwedell), is forced to choose between morality and law when she finds out that a gentle farmhand, Adam (Dylan Ramsey), is more than what he seems while protecting her six year old daughter, Mary (Aislinn Brooke Plair), and her ailing grandmother, Rose (Sally Kirkland, Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner).

Love trumps hate


Dylan Ramsey was born in Prague Czech Republic to a Polish Jewish mother and an Egyptian Muslim father. He was raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada and educated in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Dylan has been described as a walking melting pot of characters for stage and screen. Assuming roles as varied as his background, he has made his mark with his iconoclastic compelling character shadings in performances ranging from the relentless torturous special forces soldier, Rashi Al-Sabi on FOX's 24:Legacy to a wise-cracking vulnerable male cross-dressing prostitute, with a sensitivity that gives life to the role, Ginger, in HBO's Donny & Ginger.